Iron Danger summons you to experience the most mind-blowing Nordic legend, an epic of heroes and monsters, sorcerers and demigods. Fresh fantasy with a steampunk edge.

It’s the story of a war against the Queen of the North, fought from ancient shores to frozen wastes, from the realms of the gods to the unknown depths of the underworld. This is a bold retelling of the Nordic mythos that inspired J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of The Rings, spanning across multiple platforms.


A serialized graphic novel of gods and mortals caught in a web of rebellion, deceit, and murder. Swords and sorcery with a Tech Noir edge. First part coming in 2017.

The Game

Play the story-driven tactical adventure game set in the initial stage of the war. Journey through lands devastated by the dark war machine of the North, rescuing relics of ancient power before they fall into the hands of the enemy.